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Elite Sales Development Representative

Austin, Texas$60,000 - $160,000 per yearYellowstoneSDR, Yellowstone

Job description

Yellowstone Local

Yellowstone Local is looking for an Elite SDR ready to achieve greatness along side a team of battle tested sales pros that care a lot about being great.

About Yellowstone 

  • Leadership with proven success in building sustainable companies that scale.
  • We offer recruiting, marketing, and operation solutions to home service companies. Ie : HVAC, plumbing, electrical
  • We won't be laying you off.....Profitable and cash flow positive company selling into a recession proof customer base.
  • Fully remote with an intense, fun, and independent culture. 

Why Us?

  • We are for people who can't stand the thought of being average. We take massive action everyday, maintain extreme ownership, in our success and failures, and think on 1st principles to solve complex problems through creative innovation.
  • No drama, no bullshit, no excuses, and no one allowing you to settle for less. 
  • We get it, You just want a place where you can sell a great product, to a customer that really needs it, at a company that puts you in the best possible position to succeed as possible.  That's us. 

Our Sales Culture

Say goodbye to a 300 person sales team in cubicles with an open floor plan and a sales "baby sitter" putting their clammy hand on your shoulder telling you "Just dial more" 

Most outbound sales leaders share actionable advice. It sounds like, 'Do this, say that". "Here’s a template".' "It’s about memorization"

It’s useful to an extent. But when 500k BDRs and 7M AE's are using the same templates, year after year, they stop working.

What’s worse, most reps (and leaders) don’t understand HOW + WHY these templates work so they can’t build their own. They were taught how to fish - but left with no understanding of how to build their own rod.

Yellowstone is different.

First, we are going to give you a million dollar rod and teach you how to catch the biggest fish on the planet. Next, we'll show you how the rod is built, how to deconstruct it, and even how to build a better one. And finally, we'll empowered you to connect with likeminded fishers to continuously deepen my learning and build an ever better rod, together.

The most important thing however is that our method is centered around unleashing SDR creativity.  Our reps have fun and are no longer intimidated by prospects. This translates into results where results equal freedom, productivity, and success.

Our Sales Theory

Here's the harsh reality about US vs Everyone Else

We Invest in better reps (pay more for a smaller 🐯 team). Less is more, more with less.
We Invest in training outbound reps on full cycle and strategic selling elements. Most rep's show rates are brutal because they haven't been taught how execute a probing framework to identify pain.
We over-invest in specialized tech stacks, instead of bargain shop by consolidating. Another paradox. We want Seal Team Six here because in the current climate of mechanized warfare a competitor you don't see will eat your lunch.
We Invest in Rev-Ops, training and enablement on that specialized tech stack.


The standard we set for our SDR's is immensely greater than the average company, but then again, who wants to be average?  Our reps also immensely out earn the average SDR.  Sales reps never leave our company because they feel like they aren't paid enough. 

This isn't for you 

  • If you always have something keeping you from working
  • If you don't have a designated place with great internet to work
  • If you complain instead of think and solve
  • If you aren't extremely competitive 
  • If making cold calls from early morning to late evening isn't your things
  • If you are happy with settling with anything but greatness

Lastly, we are a family focused company but we maintain that if you think work-life balance is working 4 days a week then we aren't for you.

Job requirements

  • US Based 
  • Reliable internet and stable WFH environment 
  • Available to work 50+ hours a week M-F 
  • Experience selling into Home Service business a plus
  • Experience selling Marketing, Recruiting, or Software a plus
  • Must be computer savvy. 
  • Average reps need not apply
Austin, Texas, United States
$60,000 - $160,000 per year


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Austin, Texas, United States
$60,000 - $160,000 per year

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